From Social To Sales: How To Build A Strategic Social Media Advertising Funnel To Drive Conversions

  • Brands market on social media for a wider reach, visibility, and conversions.

  • Being a marketer, you may look at different marketing strategy types to promote your business. However, when you finally evaluate these options, you would conclude that a social media advertising strategy is one of the most inexpensive ways to create a reputable brand image. In fact, a marketing strategy that leverages social media channels helps you increase sales and revenue at a low investment.

  • Data shows there were about 3.78 billion users on different social media platforms in the year 2021, and this number is predicted to grow to 4.41 billion by 2025. So, imagine the kind of leads social media advertising could bring you, with the appropriate marketing strategy at that.

  • Now, let’s see how you can build a strategic social media advertising funnel to drive conversions and thus sales. We shall demonstrate this through a live example, a marketing strategy funnel we created for one of our accounts via social media advertising. We have interwoven the funnel we ideated with a marketing strategy model called AIDA.

Funnel Level 1: AWARENESS

  • Is the strong waft of your brand’s smell reaching the right target audience?

  • Ensure it does. It being social media advertising, you can think of multiple ways to communicate your brand’s promise. For instance, graphics, audios, videos, reels, etc. Videos are said to have a greater reach.

  • What we did for a client of ours at Vital20 Communications was develop a practice of doing live sessions for their audience on a frequential basis.

  • Every time the brand went live, a notification was sent to its audience. This is where the audience was made aware of the brand. Out of a total of 1 lakh followers, say 10,000 click on the notification and open the video. This is where the strategic funnel of social media advertising started.

Funnel Level 2: INTEREST

  • Your content is king when it comes to drawing the interest of your audience, be it any marketing strategy. So, you need to ensure that the video you post on social is something that keeps your audience engaged.

  • In our client’s case, they ensured their video gave an inkling to their audience of the in-store experience, be it sales personnel interaction or product displays. This urged the audience to click on the video to further watch it.

  • So, let’s say 1,000 out of the 10,000 who clicked on the video, ended up watching the whole video, from start to end.

Funnel Level 3: DESIRE

  • Is there an offer in your video or post that leaves your audience enthralled?

  • Now, we talk about the followers of our client who watched the video from start to end. In the video, they came across a code, when used while booking store appointments, shall provide them with a hefty discount.

  • This spiked the desire among the 1,000 followers who watched the full video, and thus say around 100 of them sent in enquiries for the same.

Funnel Level 4: ACTION

  • Was the desire strong enough to drive them to take an action or make a purchase?

  • For instance, 10 of those 100 followers who sent in enquiries might end up going to the store and making a purchase. So what you do is, you call those 100 up, engage with them over WhatsApp and keep a track of when someone’s actually walking in to make a purchase.

  • And thus, the funnel ends here, as our account found that a relatively low investment campaign can bring them leads and revenue at once, if run through the right funnel.

  • So, every social media marketing campaign ideation undertaken to transition users from social to sales, needs to have a strategic funnel deployed. A strategic funnel for social media marketing shall further allow you to set a firm budget, and you could also reduce the possibility of going wrong with your campaigns.